We provide piping hot, fragrant coconut rice which is neatly scoop to a sizable plate upon every single order and top with a variety of items such as fried egg, fried fish, fried chicken wing and otah.

Our imported premium Basmati rice, grown on snow-fed waters are found only on the Himalayas.  The long grain, fluffy rice absorbs well without being wet. And are highly sort after by established restaurants as well as reputable hotels.



The rice is wonderfully fragrant and not clumpy at all. To make the deliciously spicy-tangy flavored sambal, our chilies are specially imported from India. Not forgetting our  crispy and juicy chicken wing. If you are craving for the best nasi lemak in town, make a beeline to our stalls at Adam Road or AMK. To avoid long queues, order below for fresh food delivery in Singapore.

Treat yourself to our award winning and famously acclaimed No. 1 Nasi Lemak in Singapore. Our affordable price starts from just S$2.50.


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